Throttle Junkies Anonymous

The triumph speed four is one of the most unique motorcycles on the road today. Its exposed motor and stripped down plastic just adds to its distinctive look. The color choices are amazing, from the simple black and silver to the exciting orange or exotic green. The extras for this bike are limitless. It simply has it all and then some! With a top speed of over a hundred and fifty thrilling miles per hour, and the braking power to basically stop on a dime. The speed four’s amazing stopping distance of 18 ft at an average speed of seventy miles per hour is mind blowing, and well Deserved to say the least with all that low end torque. Add a power commander and an acoprovic exhaust system your talking an extra 26 horse power, then this bike becomes golden. A real thrill rider! This bike is not for the timid. It s capably of high speeds and fuel economy to last you over 200 miles per tank are just some of the benefits of owning this motorcycle. The speed fours handling is effortless one of the best bikes I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding, just a moderate lean and your shifting lanes. The feel of this bike is amazing in every way, something you just won’t find in any in any other sport bike. You can hardly explain it. It screams freedom, power and the ability to own the road. The triumph speed four is the true riding experience. If you would like additional information about the triumph speed four, or other triumphs please the below link.

Here I will cover the protection of the hands, Alpinestars is known for the leader of innovative ideas that are both fashionable as well as the safest product line in motorcycle racing gear. As much of all of Alpinestars’ differentiated products there are many different levels of protection for every application (racing to the everyday rider). There is no difference when it comes to protecting the hands, full race gloves tend to extend further up the forearm to overlap the coat or suit of the rider to protect the wrists from road rash, while the scaled down models are lower cut and more comfortable for everyday use. The gloves that Alpinestars have to offer include hard A.B.S. plastic or carbon fiber knuckle guards as well as a very thick layer of leather on the palms of the hands to protect from abrasion of pavement in the instance of a fall. Alpinestars gloves come in many different models that have a wide rang of applications as well as a wide range of prices. Alpinestars race ready gloves are the most expensive but provide the most protection in the event of a fall that vary between $90.00 to $200.00+ but you get what you pay for when purchasing riding protection. Above I have posted a picture of a pair of full race gloves as well as a picture of a model that is more comfortable for the everyday rider.

We will start with the full leather race suits and break into the different means of body protection. The full leather race suits that are offered from Aplinestars are offered in a couple different forms. One form is the full one piece suit that incorporates thick protective leather as well as heavy plastic or Kevlar inserts within the suit. The heavy plastic/ Kevlar is used in places where in the instance of a crash is more valuable of injury. Some of these places include the lower arms (wrist to the elbow), the back (to prevent hyper-extension), the shoulders (to prevent dislocation), and the knees. The inserts are also used in these particular places due to the abrasion resistance as well as impact protection. The second form of the race suit includes a two piece suit that can be detached. The heavy leather pants (sold separately) have the ability to connect to a coat (sold separately). the pants as well as the coat are just as good as the whole suit when combined, but this is usually only used when going to the track. Usually just the coat is worn by street riders. People that do street riding as well as track riding have the ability to ware the coat for everyday riding and when getting to the track being able to create a full suit. Below I have posted a picture of a one piece full race suit as well as the 2 piece that can be broken down for street riding.

The GSX-R 1000 is one of fastest production bikes on the road. Being street legal, it is only three seconds slower than a modified race bike made for professional racing on the track. Being only 81.5 inches long and 28.1 inches wide, it is also one of the most nimble bikes on the streets. The bike only weighs about three hundred and seventy pounds which makes it easy for even the inexperienced rider to operate. The motorcycle is equipped with a six speed transmission when in actuality you only need maybe a four speed because the power that this bike has is phenomenal. It seems like there is no end to the power and speed that it has. With one twist of the throttle, the front tire leaves from the ground sending you for a ride of your life. By the time you shift into second gear, you are already traveling over one hundred miles per hour. It is better than riding a roller coaster any day of the week and the best thing is, you are in total control. From my own experience, I wouldn’t recommend learning how to ride on this bike because you can get hurt. If you hit the gas too hard, the bike will flip and you will end up on your back. The only downside to the bike is that after riding for a couple of hours, the riders wrists will begin to hurt due to the racing position that you are in while riding. If you are not lying on the gas tank, you have to support your upper body with your arms which get tiring and sore after awhile. Overall the GSX-R 1000 is a magnificent bike and I would recommend everyone to at least ride one if possible.

One of the best aftermarket accessories to purchase for a motorcycle is a Power Commander made by DynaJet. This small device which can be mounted anywhere on a bike will enhance any bikes performance by ten percent. All the device does is regulates how much fuel and air to mix and different rpm’s. By doing so, you can maximize the output of the motorcycle. To properly adjust or tune a motorcycle with a Power Commander, you need to put the bike on a dyno to see exactly where your bike needs adjustment because every bike is different. There are preset settings that you can download off of a disk that is provided to make it easier for beginners to use. Also, you can program your bike anywhere by using only a laptop. The quick connect USB port on the device makes it a whole lot easier to change settings while at the track or on the go. They are usually only sold for sport bikes but in the last few years, some people have been installing them on Harley Davidson’s to maximize their power. The difference is so noticeable that you would wonder why this device was not installed at the factory. In future years to come, some people believe that the Power Commander will come stock on every production bike and I personally think they will too. When I put mine on my bike and went around the block, I almost felt like I was riding another bike because it makes that big of a difference.

One name comes to mind when speaking of top of the line exhaust systems; Akaprovic. Although Akaprovic is one of the most expensive exhaust systems on the market for superbike applications, it is well worth the price when experiencing the superb sound as well as experience the increase of horsepower from a blot on part. Bolt on parts are some of the easiest parts to modify a bike for better performance, these modifications can be done at home by anyone with some mechanical know how. Akaprovic has many different variations of each different model they have to offer to insure that there will be an aftermarket exhaust system to fit your make and model of motorcycle. Akaprovic not only has a full exhaust system to offer but also offers slip on exhaust systems that are much easier to install, but to not offer the same amount of horsepower. A slip on exhaust system uses the stock exhaust headers and bolts on half way to the end of the bike. Due to the fact that the whole exhaust system not being replaces there is more restriction in the stock parts which will not add to the horsepower. This is why stock headers are usually replaced when placing an aftermarket exhaust system. Replacing the whole exhaust system can increase the horsepower of a stock superbike by 10 horsepower alone. A full exhaust system added in combination with a power commander and air intake system (all things that can be done at home) can add up to 20 horsepower.