The Sports Junkie Test

Are you a hardcore sports junkie who is always looking for the latest stats or video clips of the best plays from last night’s game?

If so, a wireless digital photo frame could be just what you need. Wireless digital picture frames are able to download your favorite RSS feeds directly onto the frame! Imagine having the latest sports headlines and stats scrolling across the corner of your desk! You’d be most popular guy in the office. You can customize the feeds to include pretty much whatever you wish, from pictures to video replays. When your boss walks by, just switch it to a slideshow of your latest vacation, or better yet, a showcase of your best work on the latest project. *wink* Seriously though, if you’re lucky, you’re boss will enjoy the wireless photo frame as much as you will.

So how does this work? Well there are plenty of wireless photo frames currently on the market that are capable of integrating with your existing home or office wireless network. Once the frame is online, it is easy to set it up so that it can pickup your favourite RSS feeds, Flickr accounts, or even a FrameChannel stream. All you need to do is go to your favourite sports site, and find out where their feed is hiding. Often times, you can find it simply by putting /feed after the domain name, but sometimes you’ll need to dig a little deeper.

Another benefit to having a wireless digital frame at the office is that you can easily send it pictures over the internet. Want to make your co-workers green with envy while you’re on vacation? Send a single picture of you on the white sand beach, with a deserted tropical island in the background behind you. Don’t forget the martini and a hot companion!

The Best Gift For a True Sports

Do you know a hardcore sports junkie, and you’re wondering what to get him for Christmas? How about getting him a cool device that actually feeds his craving? He’ll be sure to love that!

So what is this amazing device? It’s a digital picture frame! You need to make sure you get the kind that can connect to the internet wirelessly though, for this to work properly. Wireless digital picture frames can download RSS feeds, connect to Flickr accounts, and even watch videos off the internet!

With a wireless photo frame, your man can have the latest sports scores streamed directly to his desk. With a minimal amount of setup, he can be getting the scores, best plays, trades, and all the other news he wants all day long. He’ll be the envy of the office!

Real sports junkies want to be constantly updated to the latest info on their favourite teams, and a wireless photo frame can provide what they’re looking for. The great part is that because the frame will connect to your existing home or office wireless network, there is no ongoing cost, like there would be to get updates via cellphone for instance.

So this Christmas, when you’re shopping for a gift for your beloved sports junkie, remember wireless photo frames, and think of how happy he would be to get one. I should clarify this though. Ladies – for your own sanity and enjoyment of your husbands, make sure this gift goes to work with them!