Must Have BMW Performance Upgrades for Speed Junkies

How do you make a fast car go even faster? This is the question countless BMW owners ask themselves once they feel the power of their highly-engineered, performance-driven vehicles in action. So how can you push your BMW to the next level? Fortunately, there are a wide variety of upgrades that can optimize speed and performance and help you get the most from your BMW. Here are just three reasonable, must-haves for BMW speed junkies.

Performance Chips. Aftermarket performance chips replace the factory-installed chip in order to boost power and performance electronically. A chip’s job is to adjust performance parameters, including timing, fuel-to-air ratio, turbo boost, and a performance chip allows you to change these parameters. This can increase your power and torque. A good BMW chip will adjust your air-to-fuel ratios and supply more fuel to the combustion chamber. The result? More power and more speed. You can choose the level of your upgrade, too, to achieve the level of performance you want.

Power Programmers. Power programmers run along the same lines as performance chips and are designed for those who not only want to boost performance, but also have greater control over the quality of their ride. It is an electronic component as well; a microprocessor optimizes the ignition spark advance and fuel maps. This delivers improved horsepower, handling, acceleration, torque, and throttle response.

Power programmers, unlike performance chips, are not permanently installed. You simply plug it into an under-dash OBDII port. It works on an as-needed basis. The results of both performance upgrades are similar, but according to many, you get more control from a power programmer.

Speed De-Limiters. Even the fastest BMWs, like the M3 Coupe, top out because the manufacturer installs a speed governor in the car. While 135mph (155 mph for those with the sport package) is more than enough for most drivers, those who want to kick it up (on a safe, closed track with professional driver only, of course) can try a speed de-limiter. This will eliminate BMW’s factory-installed speed limiter.

The cost of these high-performance upgrades varies,depending on the model and year of your BMW. If you love speed and love pushing a finely engineered vehicle even further, this is additional cost is well worth the value of getting just a little bit more out of your BMW automobile. Of course, don’t take our word for it. Try these upgrades out for yourself and see what we mean!