Get Her Into Your Sport

Ever been called an adrenaline junky? Maybe an extreme sports fanatic, or maybe just a lunatic? I’m sure you outdoorsy nuts out there have a loose screw somewhere that makes you want to jump off 20 foot drops on a mountain bike, or take a 7 day kayak trip. Even though by most standards you are clinically insane, chances are you still have many of the same desires as the non-fat no-foam half-caf latte city folk. Specifically, you dream of the day when you have a great girl in your life, the type of girl you could spend hours with chatting endlessly, one that would occupy your thoughts throughout the day, and one you would constantly lust over. Did you ever think past that and wonder how you would incorporate that wondrous woman into all the different facets of your life? Probably not. How the heck are you going to convince your new girlfriend to do the downhill track in Whistler, or go camping in the winter? How do you get your new girlfriend into your favorite sport?

“An Outdoor junkies guide”

Women can be a fickle bunch, some more sensitive than others, all needing similar things from you. Every woman needs her man to be patient, supportive and understanding, especially when pushing her comfort zones trying new sports. These may sound like regular traits that most people have, but in my experience, and that of all my girlfriends, sometimes men forget the basics in the heat of the moment.

Here’s the thing: men with their buddies will practically kill themselves to prove their manhood, and would never ever dare squelch on a challenge. Women are NOT this way. We want to feel safe, in control, and most of all appreciated for putting ourselves out there for your critiquing. Be gentle at first, and let us get comfortable. Going slow for the first couple rides will guarantee future rides and a lot less frustration for both parties. It’s great that you want us to go at your level. After all, it only took you 3 broken arms, a fractured collar bone and an ACL reconstruction to get to where you are. Of course on the first ride ever, we may not be delighted to drop off your favorite cliff or bike to Squamish and back.

Here are a few tips to get your woman into your sports.

Ask first before you plan. Find out if she would be interested in doing something with you. (Hint, tell her how much you would love to include her in this part of your life; women love hearing that stuff. Then mention there is this beautiful lookout that she just has to see. Sell her on the romance aspect…it’s a sure bet.)

Take your woman’s lifestyle into consideration. If she’s adventurous, she may be up for more than if she is a shy and quiet person. If she has led a sheltered life, versus having traveled the world, she may require more or less prodding.

Go slow, and don’t suggest anything crazy. Let her set the pace. Don’t roll your eyes, complain that “you’re not even working hard,” or ride ahead for a while to “get some exercise.” Remember, the goal is to get her into your sport, not make her dump you because you were being a jerk.

Be patient, and give suggestions, not commands. Don’t bark at her to gear down, or to keep her head up. Be nice for crying out loud, she is working her butt off for you!

Progressively try harder things. After a few times out, suggest a new trail that you think she is ready for now. That’s the key: tell her you have seen her improve and think she’ll really enjoy this one. Make sure to tell her that if at any point she doesn’t like it, you can stop (Very important – likely once she’s in, she’ll be fine, but just knowing this will make it less intimidating).

Tell her how much you are enjoying her company and how excited you are to try something she likes (don’t worry, you don’t actually have to go to the ballet, she may forget you mentioned it).

After, take her out for a nice dinner or drink and tell her how hot you thought she looked peddling up that hill or trudging through the river. Guaranteed second ride.

Wait 3 days before mentioning it again (meaning don’t ride her about it and hound her to go out again until she has had time to get the lactic acid out of her legs).

Most women want to do things to make their boyfriends happy and proud. She is going to want praise for going with you and working hard. Even if she sucked, tell her how great it was. Even if she bitched non-stop (hey, some women just aren’t gonna work out) tell her you had fun (and make a mental note to never ask her again). The key is to communicate how nice it was to spend time with her doing something you love. Tell her you want to help her get better, and maybe even buy her a new outfit or an uber comfy seat for her bike (this will actually help you out, because chances are her sit bones are gonna hurt, and she won’t want to…).

To get what you want you have to work for it. If you want your new girlfriend to participate in your favorite sport, you will need to be patient, be reassuring and be grateful. Push, but only push if she responds well to a challenge. Remember that if you ever want to get her out again, go easy (easy in her opinion, not yours) on the first excursion. Build to bigger and better things. Develop the trust and togetherness that is bound to come from physically challenging her and your relationship. It may seem like a lot of work, but if done right, you might end up like my dad and his wife, who’ve biked together across Italy, the Mohave Desert, and many other crazy places. Eye on the prize, guys, even when she hates you for making her ride 100km into the wind with no stops. Worse comes to worst, if you just can’t get her to do what you want, punish her out there so she knows how hard it is, and might give you a massage when you get back!

Adrenaline Junkies

Australia is known for the famous outback, the hot weather and unusual wild life animals such as the kangaroo. Most of us stereotype the Aussies thinking that they all sun bathe and are always surfing on Bondi Beach. Thing is, this is one of the worlds capitals for extreme sports Adrenaline Junkies who like nothing else but to have a walk on the wild side. There not all reckless but are more than willing to have a try at many types of extreme sports. The Gold Coast is an Adrenaline Junkies paradise and with the conditions being right the rest of the world could give the Aussies a run for there money here.

One of the favourite activities at the Gold Coast is skydiving. You have sunshine everyday with excellent beaches, who would not want to try there hand at skydiving. The skydiving centres at the Gold Coast are great for both the professional and beginner.

If you are a beginner then you can jump with one of the centres trainers which is called a tandem jump. Many first time jumpers will have an instructor jump with them at first and its mainly for safety because it is a thrilling experiences but because your scared you may forget certain aspects that have been taught to you. If anything goes wrong other people will get blamed so it will be best if you jump with the instructor first.

Enjoy the beauty of the Gold Coast on you way down from your jump and then jump chill out afterward and enjoy this experience.

Adrenaline Junkie and Extreme Sports

TV adrenaline junkie shows have been on the rise recently with Jack Osbourne’s ITV show taking prominence over all others and the recent Channel 4 documentary ‘The Men Who Jump off Buildings’, pulling in thousands of viewers. The latter looks at the most dangerous of all adrenaline sports, base jumping. Base jumping if you have not heard of it, is jumping off buildings with a parachute, not condoned or recommended that you try it, I would opt for something a little less life threatening as you could easily plummet to your death with base jumping.

So if you are an adrenaline junkie why not try bungee jumping, skydiving or white water rafting to fulfil your adrenaline cravings, obviously all dangerous but not as life threatening as base jumping and all can be enjoyed in the safe hands of experienced professionals. Ever had dreams of free falling, feeling the rush as gravity pulls you towards the ground? Why not experience it all with the knowledge that the bungee will propel you back in the opposite direction and bring you eventually safely back to ground.

Or maybe you fancy heading down a wild river on a dingy. Be assured that the inflatable raft isn’t as fragile as it sounds and you will have an experienced instructor that will help guide the team down through the rushing waters and powerful currents. Before you set off through the rapids you will be professionally informed on safety and instructed on all aspects of rafting. Then you head off on a swirling experience that will leave wet and breathless.

Paintballing is a favourite of mine; maybe not the most exhilarating of these extreme sports but still it gets the pulse going. Although with paintball prices being quite extortionate at times visits to these venues limit themselves. If you have ever been it is a fantastic day out for you and all your friends. You can really get absorbed in the experience and imagine yourself as Rambo or a soldier in battle running through the wilderness, ducking and diving, hiding under fallen trees and in bushes picking off your opponents one by one as you try to complete your mission.

You get so involved in the occasion that you start planning in your head what you will do next. Imagining yourself in the real life situation of battle and every decision you make is vital to the glory of your team by defeating the enemy. Nerves and panic consume you as your team members get picked off one by one and you are their last hope. Gun in hand you charge screaming towards the enemy lines, firing ammunition, round after round, picking off soldier after soldier until you stand triumphant, beads of sweat forming on your face as you raise your weapon aloft and scream victoriously to the rapturous applause of your fallen allies.

Milk, Cowboy, Code, Sports and Love

We have all seen them and they are not the only kind of junkie that we see. For the purpose of this article we will be focusing on the most dangerous internet junkies of all… the MLM junkie. Their drug of choice is work from home programs. They target marginal programs that offer easy money with absolutely no effort on their part. Or so they think.

MLM junkies are like frogs hopping from lily pad to lily pad in search of insects. They don’t exert and substantial effort but they spend their days basking in the sun trying to catch an easy meal. They are addicted to the aspects of flashy new programs and the rush the get from recruiting others interested in duplicating the same “feed the greed” attitudes.

That seems to be the general theme of internet marketing or at least that had been my experience until I met people like Butch Hamilton and Corie Wallace. Butch is a well known SEO-Master who speaks rather slow and deliberate but what he says is riveting and you can take what he says to the bank. Butch is not a pitchman, in fact he never pitches a deal. Butch gives you information, relevant and insightful so that you can make an informed decision. Corie Wallace… well Corie is from the east coast, Boston actually and she talks a bit faster than Butch but I guess that is the difference between east coast and Texas speak.

Anyway, Corie has spent most of her adult life in sales and marketing but she and Butch both carry a similar message and that is to ‘Over deliver and under promise’ to your customer. Meaning that you build trust and a relationship with your customer by giving them real value in your information and product and not disappointing them with hype and bull poop.

MLM junkies want to hype you up and Corie and Butch want to build you up by providing good information that will educate and inform you of the benefits and features of doing business with them. No brag – Just fact.

Recently I got to hear Butch speak not about SEO but about his dislike for selling programs and pitching products even though he is the marketing director for several programs you will not hear Butch pitch them. Instead he gives you relevant information by the bushel basket and then lets you digest and decide. His information is based on smart business principles and not horse hockey.

When Butch and Corie tell you it’s a good business you know it is the truth. They build their reputations on it.