The Makings of an Adrenaline Junkie

Adrenaline Junkies not only flood the scene of Extreme Sports – nowadays, they are everywhere. But what exactly happens in the minds and bodies of these “excitement fiends,” that is so incredibly addictive? What is at the root cause of the ultimate, “natural high?” Let’s find out.

To find out how an adrenaline rush occurs in the body, we need to examine its source- the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are two squishy-looking bundles perched comfortably on the kidneys, like little yellow beanies. But don’t be fooled by their seemingly, “chilled-out,” appearance. These glands are hypersensitive to the perception of sudden fear or excitement and form an important part of the body’s Sympathetic Nervous System, which controls the body’s fight-flight response mechanism.

Very simply, when the brain’s alarm system goes off and flashes red lights to the rest of the organs in the body to warn of imminent danger, the adrenal glands produce a hormone called, Adrenaline; also known as Epinephrine. Picture this: Adrenaline is the little messenger guy who runs from the castle of one organ to the next with the scroll that says, “Prepare for battle!” And that’s exactly what happens. The heart starts pumping at high-speed and dilates the blood vessels, the eye muscles contract, causing the pupils to dilate, while the lungs dilate the air passages in the body. This exhilarating chain-reaction is triggered by a sudden burst of energy caused by one potent neurotransmitter: Adrenaline.

You may be wondering how this manifests in the body. Here’s how: When experiencing an adrenaline rush, a human being’s reflexes operate at their most optimum level, causing what I like to call, “The Batman Effect,” the feeling of invincibility that comes with a heightened sense of awareness and an extreme boost in concentration. This intense reaction is coupled with a dramatic increase in physical performance, brought on by rapid blood flow to the muscles and a sudden boost of oxygen to the lungs.

The term, “adrenaline junkie,” that became popular after its use in the 1991 movie, “Point Break,” describes someone who enjoys dangerous activities, such as Extreme Sports. What is great about Extreme Sports is that the rush of adrenaline is coupled with an increased release of endorphins, which are the body’s, “happy hormones.”

Considering all of this, it is not difficult to understand why the emergence of Extreme Sports appears to be so monumental. Why not? After all, with the popularity of health and wellness in twentieth century lifestyle, Extreme Sports are a way to achieve an ultimate and completely natural, “high.”

Want an extreme adrenaline rush without going the Extreme Sports route? Simply jump into the yard of your neighbour with the Rottweilers and watch as you magically transform into an Olympic free runner in less than five seconds. But please, don’t say you heard this from me.

Are You an Adrenaline Junkie?

Often the adrenaline rush is compared to the “high” that one gets from the effects of illegal drugs. Some people get addicted to the natural “high” they experience during such situations and soon develop a craving for the chemical. They become willing to go to extreme conditions in order to get the adrenals pumping in their system. These people are known as adrenaline junkies. Although the first images that come in our mind are those of crazy rock climbers or sky divers, adrenalin junkies may as well come in much more subtle forms such as the person sitting next to you that looks perfectly normal but needs adrenaline in order to feel fulfilled.

A typical adrenaline junkie is often connected with the world of extreme sports and participates in activities like bungee jumping, motocross or skydiving. These people deliberately look for dangerous situations, which include the possibility of severe injury or death, and in that way they provoke the desired feeling of adrenaline rush that they crave for. Whenever a base jumper or skydiver runs off the edge of a cliff or jumps out of an airplane, he triggers a rush of natural hormones and chemicals from the brain that give him a feeling of being completely alive and present in the moment. Adrenalin junkies are so used to the high level of adrenalin in their veins that many of them often remain in low spirits or depressed under normal life conditions. For some of them, there has to be some death-defying opportunity in their life to keep them going and make them feel live. Such people usually look for employment that involves a high level of risk. You will often find adrenaline junkies working as firefighters, soldiers, police officers, detectives etc. They love participating in dangerous assignments or volunteering for risky jobs so as to live their life to the fullest.

The family and friends of adrenaline junkies often live under fear and uncertainties about the safety of the latter. Therefore, it is usually difficult to maintain a normal relationship with them. Furthermore, others may find it difficult to adjust to the anarchic and edgy lifestyle of an adrenaline junkie and to follow their reckless lifestyle.

Identifying an adrenaline junkie can often be challenging and one should be sure before just pinning down the label on someone. There is nothing wrong to go for bungee jumping or jump out of a plane. Many people want to experience it and there is nothing wrong with leading an exciting life. But it is the persistent need to expose yourself to extreme situations that differentiates an adrenaline junkie from others. If you keep looking for excitement in your life the whole time, then you might be getting dependent on adrenaline.

Why we should avoid adrenaline addiction

Once the anxiety or the dangerous situation is over, the adrenaline rush wears off just like any other drug. However, the signs and symptoms of this addiction are not as apparent as in the case of drug addiction. Many adrenaline junkies live their life to the fullest and with no side effects. But the more they start depending on adrenaline in order to feel satisfaction, the more restless they become. The need to be in danger the whole time so as to stimulate the brain and release adrenaline increases. Thus, they might end up getting involved in unnecessary fights or create drama in their life for no reason. As a result, their close family and friends often have problems communicating with them and accepting their reckless lifestyle.

How to keep adrenaline addiction out of your life

It is better to stop early, before getting deep into this type of addiction. In order to stop your adrenal glands from over working and being overactive, try to exercise and keep your mind busy. Get into some intense workout to keep your body and mind working. Avoid messing with your body clock and try to go to bed at the right times. Start some new hobbies such as gardening, music or reading and do all these things that you have been postponing because of your crave for adrenaline. Spend some time with your family and take interest in finding what your children are up to. You will realize that life can be very exciting, even without adrenaline. Balance is the key.

Finally, remember that you do not need to be an adrenaline junkie to live your life to the fullest and that there are simple moments in life that can offer much more joy and satisfaction than fear or anxiety does.

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Attention Adrenalin Junkies

Flying a kite takes a new turn. Sport kiting is gaining popularity in skiing, both water and snow. You see it in both snowboarding and, of course, surfing. Once you learn how to handle a kite sail, you are ready to adventure out. The wind will be your motorization. When you harness the power of wind, you exponentially increase the adventure of any sport.

Learn to Sport Kite
Learning how will bridge your current sport’s world with a brand new world of sporting activities. So how does a sport enthusiast start learning to use the wind? Of course, you start with the Web. Everything you need to know about sport kiting will fall right into your lab with a simple Google search.

Anarchy Mmhw Junky Sport”

Learning to control the parachute like kite will require some lessons. Since they are easy to learn, start with a small kite to gain confidence. Consider a 56″ wingspan as this makes a good starting point. It will allow you the opportunity to learn how to control the kite parachute without lifting you off the ground.

Starting on the snow will be the easiest and probably the safest way to learn. You can check out many different kite schools for beginning snow kite skiing and kite snowboarding. These schools will provide you with the basics of kiting and keep you safe.

Classes and Equipment Affordable
You will find out that kite sports are affordable and downright fun. Surprisingly affordable, the basic equipment and classes for kite sports can be found at a variety of sporting good stores both online and off.

Adrenalin Skyrockets with Bigger Kites
Once you have mastered the basics, you will probably want to venture out and discover all the possibilities. With the power of the wind behind you, surfing, water skiing and many other activities can advance you to the point of exploring all your capabilities. If you are adrenalin junky, kite skiing and kite surfing will fulfill all of your adrenalin needs.

The more you advance, the bigger kite and the faster speeds will take your adrenalin to new highs. Learning will not be hard but getting the guts to try just might. If you get a little nervous, take some more classes. You can find classes from beginner to expert available.

Now is the time to check them out Since these sports require no motors, they can save you a bundle in water skiing without having to buy a boat or gas making kite surfing the ultimate eco-friendly sport.