Sports Betting As an Investment

It sounds nuts, right? I mean, betting on sports as an investment? There’s no way! Sounds like taking hard earned money and throwing it right down the toilet!

I can just hear the reactions and understandably because it does sound a bit off on the face of it. But, there’s another side to consider. In this article I will offer some insight as it relates to sports investing, or sports trading as it’s known, so that you can you can make a well formed decision as to whether it’s right for you.

“The Sport junkie”

Take a look at the recent meltdown in the stock and futures markets lately. We have incredible instability on a daily basis the likes of which have not been seen before in quite some time. You know something’s not right when 200 to 500 point daily swings are the norm. The volatility recently is off the chart and probably not a good place to be unless you really know what you’re doing.

Get Her Into Your Sport

Ever been called an adrenaline junky? Maybe an extreme sports fanatic, or maybe just a lunatic? I’m sure you outdoorsy nuts out there have a loose screw somewhere that makes you want to jump off 20 foot drops on a mountain bike, or take a 7 day kayak trip. Even though by most standards you are clinically insane, chances are you still have many of the same desires as the non-fat no-foam half-caf latte city folk. Specifically, you dream of the day when you have a great girl in your life, the type of girl you could spend hours with chatting endlessly, one that would occupy your thoughts throughout the day, and one you would constantly lust over. Did you ever think past that and wonder how you would incorporate that wondrous woman into all the different facets of your life? Probably not. How the heck are you going to convince your new girlfriend to do the downhill track in Whistler, or go camping in the winter? How do you get your new girlfriend into your favorite sport?

“An Outdoor junkies guide”

Attention Adrenalin Junkies

Flying a kite takes a new turn. Sport kiting is gaining popularity in skiing, both water and snow. You see it in both snowboarding and, of course, surfing. Once you learn how to handle a kite sail, you are ready to adventure out. The wind will be your motorization. When you harness the power of wind, you exponentially increase the adventure of any sport.

Learn to Sport Kite
Learning how will bridge your current sport’s world with a brand new world of sporting activities. So how does a sport enthusiast start learning to use the wind? Of course, you start with the Web. Everything you need to know about sport kiting will fall right into your lab with a simple Google search.

Anarchy Mmhw Junky Sport”

Learning to control the parachute like kite will require some lessons. Since they are easy to learn, start with a small kite to gain confidence. Consider a 56″ wingspan as this makes a

Online Sports Betting

Sports betting has always been a popular diversion and today it’s become a way of life for millions of people throughout the world. A contributing factor in today’s explosion of sports betting is attributed to the advent of the Internet. Online sports betting has reshaped the betting landscape in a big way. It’s now more accessible than ever and in a way has brought about transparency to an industry that used to be shrouded in secrecy. Because of this we now have many choices of how and where we place our bets. A huge influx of resources are available to make us more proficient. From sports betting systems, to large repositories of data in the form of sports betting services and online sportsbooks. There are even sports investment firms that can act as a hedge against the stock and futures markets! Some of the aforementioned betting systems and services are reviewed on my site. Click the link below to check them out.

Online sports betting is favored by sports-minded people as well as by people who don’t ordinarily watch sports for entertainment. Many are interested in it simply to make extra money and

Key Things You Need to Know About Extreme Sports


Many of us enjoy doing sports and the best time to try out something new and exciting or spend time enjoying a favourite sport is during vacation! Travel providers attract with exciting promises: Bungee jumping, rock climbing, scuba diving, sky diving, perfect alpine ski slopes – that all is tons of fun! And potentially a source of future problems. In many of those cases you are not protected through your insurance at all! Let’s dig deeper today into extreme sport insurance!


The variety of sports people engage in today is vast: everything from chess to base jumping is considered “sports”. For many insurers, sports fall into four general risk levels (s. list below). Already, sports from Level 2 are often considered as extreme sports. So if you are a passionate skier in Colorado, British Columbia or the Swiss Alps, an amateur rock climber, or adrenalin junkie enjoying skydiving at least once a month – you should consider looking deeper into extreme sport protection.

Insurance classification of sport risks:

  • Level 1 – Low risk

Throttle Junkies Anonymous

The triumph speed four is one of the most unique motorcycles on the road today. Its exposed motor and stripped down plastic just adds to its distinctive look. The color choices are amazing, from the simple black and silver to the exciting orange or exotic green. The extras for this bike are limitless. It simply has it all and then some! With a top speed of over a hundred and fifty thrilling miles per hour, and the braking power to basically stop on a dime. The speed four’s amazing stopping distance of 18 ft at an average speed of seventy miles per hour is mind blowing, and well Deserved to say the least with all that low end torque. Add a power commander and an acoprovic exhaust system your talking an extra 26 horse power, then this bike becomes golden. A real thrill rider! This bike is not for the timid. It s capably of high speeds and fuel economy to last you over 200 miles per tank are just some of the benefits of owning this motorcycle. The speed fours handling is effortless one of the best bikes I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding,

Ways to Avoid the Adrenaline Junky Procrastination Trap

In school, did you wait until the night before final exams to study? Did you put off a 15-page paper until 4 hours before the due date? Do you still need that extra jolt of “get it done now or else” to get started on your projects? If the answer is yes, you may have fallen into one of the top procrastination traps–the Adrenaline Junky trap. Here’s how to climb out.

1. Start early.

Really early. As in ASAP! Is your project due in 3 weeks? Start now. How? Discover new ways to get the job done that don’t rely solely on adrenaline in the following tips.

2. Tap into the Now.

Find out what motivates you right now to get going on the assignment. What pleasure or fun can you get out of getting something started now instead of putting it off?

3. Reward yourself.

Every time you start early, tell your brain that this is a good thing. Splurge on the special at lunch. Go to the gym after work. Celebrate starting now, and continue to

Must Have BMW Performance Upgrades for Speed Junkies

How do you make a fast car go even faster? This is the question countless BMW owners ask themselves once they feel the power of their highly-engineered, performance-driven vehicles in action. So how can you push your BMW to the next level? Fortunately, there are a wide variety of upgrades that can optimize speed and performance and help you get the most from your BMW. Here are just three reasonable, must-haves for BMW speed junkies.

Performance Chips. Aftermarket performance chips replace the factory-installed chip in order to boost power and performance electronically. A chip’s job is to adjust performance parameters, including timing, fuel-to-air ratio, turbo boost, and a performance chip allows you to change these parameters. This can increase your power and torque. A good BMW chip will adjust your air-to-fuel ratios and supply more fuel to the combustion chamber. The result? More power and more speed. You can choose the level of your upgrade, too, to achieve the level of performance you want.

Power Programmers. Power programmers run along the same lines as performance chips and are designed for those who not only want to boost performance, but also

An Outdoor Junkies’ Guide

There’s no denying that one of the most popular outdoor sports today is scuba diving. With 71% of the world’s surface covered with water, humans have always been curious what lies underneath that blue and pristine water. Today, people no longer need to just imagine the beauty of marine life because scuba diving has made it possible for us to finally explore the depths of the oceans, seas, and lakes.

Although scuba diving has indeed made it possible to discover the splendor of marine life, the sport is still considered as quite dangerous. And that’s the reason why divers (both beginners and pro) should always take precautionary actions in order to avoid accidents and disasters while diving. If you are planning to try scuba diving on your next adventure, here are some tips that will help you make the trip fun and at the same time, safe:

Check Your Equipment

Before diving onto the waters, make sure to check all your equipment first, and in case you felt that something is wrong with them, report right away to your dive master. Another thing to do is check

The Binocular Of The Sports Junkie

Alpen binoculars have a reputation of excellence and high quality monoscopes, binoculars, as well as accessories. I was not surprised when Alpen won twice in the Outdoor Life’s “Great Buy” rating. Alpen Pro series binoculars have a wide variety of models of different sizes with both roof and porro prisms. They also have waterproof, wide-angle, and zoom models. Alpen takes pride with their high quality, multi-coated optics that provides high-resolution and clear images. Maybe you’re thinking that with all these innovations, it will be impossible for you to afford this kind of binoculars. Well, that’s not the case. Though Alpen’s products are highly competitive, they are also very affordable. Alpen’s Pro series are top performers which offer high-class features to meet the needs of ordinary optic users and dedicated sports optics alike. And so, Alpen presents the Alpen Pro 268 10×25 Binoculars.

This binocular is made from high quality multi coated optics with both roof and porro prism that is BAK-4 rated for brighter, clearer, and high-resolution images with wide-angle viewing. It also features rubber armoring for protection and durability; therefore, rendering a shock proof quality. This is one of the main reasons

Reasons Why Bungy Jumping Is The Best Adventure Sport

The thrill of outdoor adventure sports. Most of them death defying and bares an absolute image of risk in which people show much animosity. Despite the animosity, extreme adventure sports have been gaining much popularity all over the world. More and more people find themselves in these activities because of a most natural human trait – curiosity. Finding out why others can do it and you can’t. Zoning in on the fears that you may have which prevent you from finding out what it is like to engage in such activities. What’s good about adventure sports is that there is always a platform to start from and this start-off point is bungy jumping. The following 7 reasons make bungy jumping the best adventure sport for budding adrenaline junkies and absolute enthusiasts.

1. It’s a great beginner sport for extreme aficionados. Very little training and know how is required. Neophytes to the sport need not purchase their own equipment, plus suitable locations are spread throughout the globe which makes it so easy to find.

2. It’s safer than it looks. Jumping off a platform that is over 100 feet high with

Sports Betting Companies Available

Got an interest in sports betting? Are you looking for a sport betting company that accepts wagers from bettors like you? Several sports betting sites are out there on the web are all claiming to be the best. So, don’t easily be fooled by their claims. If possible, try to read some reviews and recommendations, and weigh your options very carefully. The last thing you want to do is find a dodgy site online, bet some money and then not even get paid when you win! If you are going to take the time to bet online, at least be responsible enough to check for the best sites available.

But to make everything easy for you, I have gathered some of the most recommended and trusted sports betting companies online that may serve as your bookmakers. The following places online are reliable places, please make sure you read the guidelines at all of these places!

Stan James
We pioneered Betting In Running and it’s what makes us stand out from the rest. If an event is being covered live, we continue to bet as the action unfolds. Includes; sports, poker,

Stop Being an Adrenaline Junkie

When the human body is going through extreme fear, stress or anxiety, the brain will give a signal to release a powerful stimulating chemical that is known as adrenaline. Once the danger has passed, the normal person will go back down to a normal level and the extra adrenaline is going to be absorbed and eliminated. This adrenaline rush can bring about some of those effects as drugs. Some individuals can actually get addicted to this natural high during an event they experiences. Are you an adrenaline junkie? Well, perhaps you would like to stop being an adrenaline junkie? As we write this article, we are going to discuss this topic further. Please continue reading below for some good sound advice:

Why would anyone want to stop being a junkie to adrenaline? Well, the reason is because it can get them in trouble as they do things that they would not normally do. The adrenaline rush will cause you to go to extreme measures.

A typical junkie is often times associated with extreme sports. This includes bungee jumping, skydiving and automobile racing. People jump out of an airplane because this

The Sports Junkie Test

Are you a hardcore sports junkie who is always looking for the latest stats or video clips of the best plays from last night’s game?

If so, a wireless digital photo frame could be just what you need. Wireless digital picture frames are able to download your favorite RSS feeds directly onto the frame! Imagine having the latest sports headlines and stats scrolling across the corner of your desk! You’d be most popular guy in the office. You can customize the feeds to include pretty much whatever you wish, from pictures to video replays. When your boss walks by, just switch it to a slideshow of your latest vacation, or better yet, a showcase of your best work on the latest project. *wink* Seriously though, if you’re lucky, you’re boss will enjoy the wireless photo frame as much as you will.

So how does this work? Well there are plenty of wireless photo frames currently on the market that are capable of integrating with your existing home or office wireless network. Once the frame is online, it is easy to set it up so that it can pickup your favourite

Adrenaline Junkies

Australia is known for the famous outback, the hot weather and unusual wild life animals such as the kangaroo. Most of us stereotype the Aussies thinking that they all sun bathe and are always surfing on Bondi Beach. Thing is, this is one of the worlds capitals for extreme sports Adrenaline Junkies who like nothing else but to have a walk on the wild side. There not all reckless but are more than willing to have a try at many types of extreme sports. The Gold Coast is an Adrenaline Junkies paradise and with the conditions being right the rest of the world could give the Aussies a run for there money here.

One of the favourite activities at the Gold Coast is skydiving. You have sunshine everyday with excellent beaches, who would not want to try there hand at skydiving. The skydiving centres at the Gold Coast are great for both the professional and beginner.

If you are a beginner then you can jump with one of the centres trainers which is called a tandem jump. Many first time jumpers will have an instructor jump with them at first

Adrenaline Junkie and Extreme Sports

TV adrenaline junkie shows have been on the rise recently with Jack Osbourne’s ITV show taking prominence over all others and the recent Channel 4 documentary ‘The Men Who Jump off Buildings’, pulling in thousands of viewers. The latter looks at the most dangerous of all adrenaline sports, base jumping. Base jumping if you have not heard of it, is jumping off buildings with a parachute, not condoned or recommended that you try it, I would opt for something a little less life threatening as you could easily plummet to your death with base jumping.

So if you are an adrenaline junkie why not try bungee jumping, skydiving or white water rafting to fulfil your adrenaline cravings, obviously all dangerous but not as life threatening as base jumping and all can be enjoyed in the safe hands of experienced professionals. Ever had dreams of free falling, feeling the rush as gravity pulls you towards the ground? Why not experience it all with the knowledge that the bungee will propel you back in the opposite direction and bring you eventually safely back to ground.

Or maybe you fancy heading down a

Milk, Cowboy, Code, Sports and Love

We have all seen them and they are not the only kind of junkie that we see. For the purpose of this article we will be focusing on the most dangerous internet junkies of all… the MLM junkie. Their drug of choice is work from home programs. They target marginal programs that offer easy money with absolutely no effort on their part. Or so they think.

MLM junkies are like frogs hopping from lily pad to lily pad in search of insects. They don’t exert and substantial effort but they spend their days basking in the sun trying to catch an easy meal. They are addicted to the aspects of flashy new programs and the rush the get from recruiting others interested in duplicating the same “feed the greed” attitudes.

That seems to be the general theme of internet marketing or at least that had been my experience until I met people like Butch Hamilton and Corie Wallace. Butch is a well known SEO-Master who speaks rather slow and deliberate but what he says is riveting and you can take what he says to the bank. Butch is not a

The Makings of an Adrenaline Junkie

Adrenaline Junkies not only flood the scene of Extreme Sports – nowadays, they are everywhere. But what exactly happens in the minds and bodies of these “excitement fiends,” that is so incredibly addictive? What is at the root cause of the ultimate, “natural high?” Let’s find out.

To find out how an adrenaline rush occurs in the body, we need to examine its source- the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are two squishy-looking bundles perched comfortably on the kidneys, like little yellow beanies. But don’t be fooled by their seemingly, “chilled-out,” appearance. These glands are hypersensitive to the perception of sudden fear or excitement and form an important part of the body’s Sympathetic Nervous System, which controls the body’s fight-flight response mechanism.

Very simply, when the brain’s alarm system goes off and flashes red lights to the rest of the organs in the body to warn of imminent danger, the adrenal glands produce a hormone called, Adrenaline; also known as Epinephrine. Picture this: Adrenaline is the little messenger guy who runs from the castle of one organ to the next with the scroll that says, “Prepare for battle!” And that’s

Are You an Adrenaline Junkie?

Often the adrenaline rush is compared to the “high” that one gets from the effects of illegal drugs. Some people get addicted to the natural “high” they experience during such situations and soon develop a craving for the chemical. They become willing to go to extreme conditions in order to get the adrenals pumping in their system. These people are known as adrenaline junkies. Although the first images that come in our mind are those of crazy rock climbers or sky divers, adrenalin junkies may as well come in much more subtle forms such as the person sitting next to you that looks perfectly normal but needs adrenaline in order to feel fulfilled.

A typical adrenaline junkie is often connected with the world of extreme sports and participates in activities like bungee jumping, motocross or skydiving. These people deliberately look for dangerous situations, which include the possibility of severe injury or death, and in that way they provoke the desired feeling of adrenaline rush that they crave for. Whenever a base jumper or skydiver runs off the edge of a cliff or jumps out of an airplane, he triggers a rush of natural

The Best Gift For a True Sports

Do you know a hardcore sports junkie, and you’re wondering what to get him for Christmas? How about getting him a cool device that actually feeds his craving? He’ll be sure to love that!

So what is this amazing device? It’s a digital picture frame! You need to make sure you get the kind that can connect to the internet wirelessly though, for this to work properly. Wireless digital picture frames can download RSS feeds, connect to Flickr accounts, and even watch videos off the internet!

With a wireless photo frame, your man can have the latest sports scores streamed directly to his desk. With a minimal amount of setup, he can be getting the scores, best plays, trades, and all the other news he wants all day long. He’ll be the envy of the office!

Real sports junkies want to be constantly updated to the latest info on their favourite teams, and a wireless photo frame can provide what they’re looking for. The great part is that because the frame will connect to your existing home or office wireless network, there is no ongoing cost, like